She was a gem.

People loved her. She was colourful, strong, beautiful and had her own uniqueness. She was one of a kind. There was no one like her. Her shimmering glitter attracted people towards her. Investors would invest whatever they could to gain her. To build with her. They saw her as a smart, strong, independent woman with a spark to shine the world. But she hadn’t always been a gem.

She was a rock.

When she was first discovered, she was not a gem. She was a muddy piece of stone born in a swamp. She was ignored. People stepped on her as they passed her by. They did not admire her. They did not care for her. They did not want her. They did not see her. She was invisible. But one day, she decided to change her life.

She was moulded. She was burnt, carved, shaped, cut and boiled. It was a painful process. Not everyone saw the trauma she endured. She suffered mentally, physically and emotionally. The pain was too much to bear. No one knew what she went through. She didn’t speak. She couldn’t speak. But after a long and hard process, she was crystallised. From being a muddy rock, she turned into a gem.

She was reborn.

Her new life was good. She was treasured and valued. But not a single person understood the trauma she had to endure to get to where she was now, and where she was heading. No one even attempted to understand how she felt and how much she had to go through. Some people even thought she was born a gem.

As much as she loved her new life, she often found herself thinking of the old one. The time she was invisible. She never got a chance to talk about the trauma she went through. Sometimes she tried expressing herself, but it never worked.The people she tried talking to only had one response.

“You are a gem. You are beautiful and strong. You have no reason to cry!”

They never understood. Some envied her. But nevertheless she never forgot where she began. She never could forget her past. Occasionally things reminded her of the mud she was created from. But she could never express herself. No one ever understood her feelings, nor did they attempt to understand her.

You may do a million things to look and feel better. You may change the way you walk, talk and dress. You may change your behaviour to be where you want to be, to fit into the role in life you would like to have. But at the very core, the truth is, you never really change. A gem may never become a gem unless it goes through that painful process, and beneath the crystallised shine, she knew that at the deep inside at her core, she was and always will be the muddy little stone from the swamp; and that was the truth.