The darkness

There was a storm coming. I could feel it. I could feel the darkness drifting towards me. It needed a sacrifice; a soul; possibly my soul. There was no way out. I knew we had to run. That was the only way we could at least attempt to escape.

I saw people, warriors as strong as myself, running through the woods. I ran with them. My feet were swift, my sword sharp, piercing through what came my way. The darkness followed us like a beast following its prey in the wilderness. I ran as fast as I could.

The darkness was stronger than anything I had ever seen before. It prepared the path for the storm. I knew I couldn’t keep up much longer. I knew it would reach me. I knew my soul would be taken. I had to make the best out of the time I had. If I couldn’t save myself I should at least try to save as many people as I could. 

I was ready for battle. I slowed down and let everyone else pass me on. They called out to me. They screamed for me to keep up. I ignored them. I watched as everyone passed me by. Finally, once everyone was gone, I stopped and turned back ready to attack. 

The darkness covered me. The storm reached me. You stupid girl, I could hear myself say. I held on to my sword and charged into the storm.

I had made many mistakes in life. This was why I had decided to sacrifice myself that night. It was a long night. I never expected to come out of it alive but I had emerged out of the darkness, a new person. I had expected to lose my soul that night, however, I had absorbed the darkness instead and the storm had ended. 

The darkness was now within me. It had failed to consume my soul, but I had somehow managed to consume it instead. The darkness was all I could see around me now. It was a part of me, but that was ok. Because of me, thousands of people had survived; and simply because of that thought I had managed to accept my fate and walk away. 

I never went back to my people; my warriors. Instead, I took off solo. I knew in my heart that the further away I went, the safer everyone else would be; away from the darkness; away from me.