Enjoy life

For a very long time I have had this habit of saying “have fun” or “enjoy” instead of “goodbye” to people. I use it at various occasions. It varies from when someone tells me they are going out with friends, going out for a serious meeting with a client, or if they simply just say “goodbye”. My greeting surprisingly startles a lot of people and most of the time I get weird looks from them or they say “I’m not going for something fun”. This has made me question the society we live in.

The main reason I greet people this way is to encourage positivity, and put a smile on their faces. People forget to enjoy and even if you have tons of things to do, even if you are going through the worst possible day with the worst possible client, even if you are buried in bills; little bit of positivity and a lightened up mood can turn things around.

We live in a society that rushes everything. People are too busy that they forget life is meant to be lived first. They focus on the so called “important” stuff, that they forget to enjoy the little moments of happiness. In my opinion the little moments are what makes life worth living.

I strongly believe that God didn’t create us to take things too seriously, pay bills and die. We are meant to live our life to the fullest, enjoying each moment, making new memories as we go. So wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever your battles may be, look at the bright side of it. Be positive; and no matter what you are doing today, don’t forget to simply Enjoy, Have fun and Have a blast!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”