girl in black

You are walking along the road wearing all black. People stare at you. Some raise their eyebrows. They whisper behind your back. They talk. They judge.

"Black is dark," they say. "Black is evil. It is sad. It is not joyful like the other colours. Why would someone like black? Black is damaged. If someone likes black it means they are not happy people."

"They are sad lonely people who have lost their lovers. They are widows or widowers. They are followers of the dark arts. They are cursed. They are full of pain. They have dark souls."

A little boy walks up to you and you hand him the black rose you are holding. "Stay away from him!" his mother shrieks, rushing to his side. She throws the rose away. "Stay away from my son!" she carries the boy and hurries off. What would you do?

I smile.

black is uniqueBlack is deep. Black is emotional. Black is passionate. Black is confident. Black is standing different in a colourful world. Black is being that one unique mind among a world full of common minds. Black is being self aware. Black is being different enough to stand alone confident and carefree. Black is admiring what you love regardless of how ‘weird’ it maybe. Black is letting your soul wonder off looking for passion in a society that rejects you. Black is standing on your own feet when millions of people depend on one another.

Black is not dark or damaged. Black is not cursed. Black is unique. Black is reaching beyond your wildest dreams. Black does not mean your soul is dead. It means that your soul is alive, passionate and carefree. Black does not mean pain, but it means you have a bright light shining within you. Black is being who you are regardless of the consequences.

Black is beautiful!

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