With great success comes great… accusations


Success comes in many different forms. It could be a new job, better salary, better home, or simply it could mean that you leave your own country and move overseas with the expectation of gaining all of that. When success happens in any form the most important lesson we learn out of it, is that with great success comes great accusations! It is funny how most people’s attitudes towards someone changes when that someone suddenly becomes successful in life. Let me explain.

Not everyone watching you sees the struggle you go through to achieve your goals and targets. They don’t understand the effort you put in to making your dream a reality. The only thing they see is the rise you make above the ground. The effort you put is invisible but the result is always visible.

If you are a friend of mine who know me personally you already know that I treat all my friends equal. If you are a very close friend of mine then you know even better, that out of all my friends I only have a limited number of close friends. However, close or not, that doesn’t stop me from helping someone in need. All they need is ask. If you are a friend of mine, you also know that regardless of the distance between us I still keep in touch with everyone as much as I can. There is no difference in distance or anything else when it comes to keeping in touch with my friends, and if you need help I would still bend barriers and cross oceans for you; and if I’m not able to be present myself, I will still make efforts to help through others.

Whatsoever it is tough when once you are successful, the very people you call friends seem to judge you. Your friends suddenly use quotes like "Oh, you are a big shot now," or "you have forgotten us," or "you have better things to do now than keep in touch with us," and so on. All these comments come rushing towards you when you have made absolutely no difference in your behaviour towards any of them, except for that one major change that happened in your life, which altered your success level. Well, here’s what they don’t realise.

iceberg of successSuccess didn’t happen overnight. When a person is dedicated towards their dreams and goals they put in the effort. They work day and night to make it happen. They struggle for months or maybe years to be where they are now! They have had many sleepless nights (exhausted), gone through many hardships (got stabbed), crossed many oceans (almost drowned), fought back (took a beating) and through each stage they have achieved their goals (and suffered through it). So, if you were not there to fight for them during their battles, what gives you the right to comment on their success?

Just remember, others’ lives do not revolve around you, and yours doesn’t revolve around them. It doesn’t matter if people keep in touch with you or not, and you shouldn’t care even if they judge you. The only life that revolves around you is your own life. Make the best out of it and show the world what you are really made of. If a person is true to you they will stick with you for better or for worse, if not they will criticise you at your best and avoid you at your worse. And if you are one of those people who judge others, grow up and focus on your own life instead of someone else’s. Their lives are not always about you!

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