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Life occasionally takes through some funny twists and turns, and sometimes even our worst experiences bring out the best in us. All we need is to have faith and a little bit of will power.

The last three years of my life have been nothing but a roller-coaster ride. In Jan 2013 I met a guy. I wouldn’t exactly call it "falling in love" but based on our parents mutual agreements we were engaged by July 2013. In the same way our engagement ended in Dec 2013 even though the wedding was already planned for Jan 2014. The funny part is that this breakup was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Today in Jan 2016, I’m planning to leave the country to start a new life, gaining everything out of nothing. Let me explain.

hardshipsWhen my engagement broke off, while people around me were too busy feeling sorry for me; I was thanking and praising God. I guess in the back of my mind I always knew he was not the right one for me, but as a girl living under her parents roof I guess all I wanted was freedom and I thought marriage was the solution. Most of all, I thought it would make my parents happy. I was wrong!

For years I have felt like I was walking through a dark maze with nothing but a small torch producing a tiny beam of light as a guidance. I didn’t know where the maze ended, but I could point the light beam to whichever direction I wanted and I could take a chance walking that way. In the maze I would occasionally come across blocks and challenges; or sometimes, evil creatures lurking in the dark waiting for me to make a mistake. Sometimes I would have to cross certain hurdles. I would jump again and again, higher and higher, falling over and over until I got over each hurdle. Occasionally I would get a slight blessing, a treat from the creator of the maze. Then one day, He made me see the light through the darkness.

I had to reject many more proposals until my parents finally gave up on the matter. I had to change my job due to financial matters but the new work place ended up being not what I had hoped. These were some blocks and challenges. Evil creatures came in the shape of jealous human beings waiting for me to fail so they could mock me. A few good things came along the way too. The main treat was the fact that I got myself a camera and decided to teach myself photography, something I enjoy tremendously today. I also applied for a migration process, a chance to leave my home, the country I was born and brought up in, which took over an year to succeed. This was one of the biggest hurdles I have ever crossed and also a hurdle I had to cross over and over in each step. And this is when the darkness turned into light.

Maze runnerI finally realized that the light beam guiding me wasn’t the torch anymore. I had finally found the exit. I could finally leave the maze. The blocks were gone, the challenges overcome, the evil creatures defeated and the hurdles crossed. There was just one final step to take.

As I looked back at the maze I began to realize that I had spent so much time in it that I had actually forgotten I was in a maze. In a certain way, when I look at the maze just one word pops into my mind – home. This maze was my home whether it had brought me good or bad, and with this one last step I would leave it forever. There would be no turning back!

When I leave this place I will be a new person facing a whole new world. Yes, I would be out of this maze, but maybe I would be stepping into a bigger maze. I just don’t know yet. Whatever it is, whatever it will be I’ll be looking forward to it.

I would like to thank everyone who broke my heart. It is because of you I have had the power of will to face the demons in my life. Also I would like to thank everyone who supported me, who believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Your faith has helped me walk into my freedom today.

This whole experience reminds me of an old quote from the Peter Pan Movie:

"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

I hope Peter Pan was right!

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  1. Hi Rosh, This is something inspired story.Motivation fact who is facing this kind of problems.According to my point of view we can’t go out of the maze. We are always running around it. What will change is only a time/place/people we are dealing with. Good story Line. Try to make a short film. GBU !!!

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