I am finally free

I am free

Just a girl who decided to go for itTen years I have been in the corporate industry
Ten years I have been fighting for my life
Ten years I have been pushed and pressured
But now I am finally free

Ten years I have listened to the complaints of my superiors
Ten years I have worked my way to the top
Ten years I had to depend on people around me
But now I am finally free

It’s not easy to leave the corporate industry
Especially when they pay for your needs
It’s not easy to start your own company
But now I am finally free

Pushing through the hardships I faced
Building a simple base for myself
Starting my own thing with the people I trust
I am glad I am finally free

It has been 10 years since I first started working. Today after a long and hard struggle in the corporate industry I have finally stopped working for others and have managed to start my own thing together with my family and my close friends. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in every little way and guided me towards achieve my goals. I am glad to be finally free of working for others. I am glad I am finally working for myself.

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