Colour of life

Defined by colours

Are people defined by colours?

Impress yourselfRecently I was with a friend at a store looking for a dress to wear for a party. As usual I was looking for my favourite colours, which most people clarify as dull. I know most girls nowadays like bright colours and the trend is to wear multi-coloured clothes. Somehow God made me different. That is when my friend came up to me and said, “Don’t buy black and blue all the time. Buy something that will make you noticeable.”

This got me thinking, who I am really getting dressed up for? Was it for my friend who was throwing the party? Was it for the guests she invited? Was it for the strangers I pass on the street while I walk? Or was it for my own self satisfaction? I know so many girls today dress up for others. It could either be for the guys who would check them out, or for the girls who would look at them with envy. Praise the Lord, I dress up for no one but myself!

In my opinion dressing up for others is stupid. If you want to look good, it should not be for the boy who checks you out in the bus. If you want to look good, it should not be because of the request of your family or friends. The only reason you should want to look good is for yourself.

You should choose what you like to wear. Choose your own colours. Choose your own fashion. Be beautiful for no one but yourself. Do what makes you comfortable. Because in the end the only colours that will satisfy you are the colours you choose for yourself.

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