Be careful what you wish for

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So recently I was watching a certain TV series and it brought up a very interesting quote. It said,
“Be careful what you wish for. When God wants to punish us He answers our prayers.”

This sentence got me thinking. How many of us pray for things we wish to have and then blame God when we don’t get it? How many of us have got what we wanted but then realised that it’s not the thing we need? How many of us have actually regretted getting something we wanted?  How many of us have been glad when we realised something we wanted before was not right for us after all, and were happy we did not get it?

Life is a mystery. In the same way our future is a mystery. We can never know what is right for us, or what is not. It is only God who knows that. However, the bigger mystery here is that if our dream coming true was really for good or for worse. Did God grant our wishes because He wanted us to have what we wanted? Or was it to teach us a lesson that it was bad for us?

Be careful what you wish forLet me explain my point of view. If I wanted something I would expect God to help me achieve it. It could be something like a new job, a new relationship or even a new hobby. I wouldn’t know what it’s like until I have it. The first step towards the unknown is always a risk. If God gives it to me I will be happy. I may be happy for the rest of my life; or maybe the happiness is temporary. The new job, relationship or hobby I took up may not work out as I expected. If and when this happens I might blame God. I might even ask Him why he gave me something I should not have; something I did not deserve. The truth is, I asked for it. God had given me what I wanted, and it taught me a lesson; the lesson that it wasn’t right for me. In this case, when God doesn’t give us what we want isn’t that a good thing?

When God doesn’t give us what we ask for it means He knows what is right for us. It means He is preventing something wrong that may happen to us. But when we are stubborn and we keep asking Him over and over for that same thing, doesn’t that mean He would want to teach us a lesson simply by giving us what we asked for? He would grant our wishes and help us learn through experience. We would go through pain and suffering through what we asked for; something God would have prevented if we weren’t so stubborn.

So here’s my advice. Yes, keep asking God what you want but only ask Him to grant it if it is His will, if He thinks it is right for you; not because you want it. If not, you are just being stubborn and God simply might decide to teach you a lesson. Trust Him, not yourself!

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