Are you a human or a machine?


You wake up every morning, get dressed, go to work, work your guts out, come home, eat, drink, sleep and repeat. Are you one of them? Think about it. Are you a human or are you a machine? I definitely like to think of myself as human. However, the sad part is most of the time I find myself surrounded with not by people, but by machines.

They prioritize work. No, that’s an understatement! They live their work. Work was their life. At office, they work. At home, they work. During the day, they work. During the night, they work. The companies they work for are very happy with their work. They are often promoted in position but is that really a point of joy? I don’t think so, simply because they have lost their life!

Their families are suffering. The silent tears that flow along the cheek of a lonely wife, the despair of a lonely husband roaming the streets getting drunk, the unanswered questions of children who go to bed without seeing the face of their parents; this is how workaholics’ families suffer. The worst part is a workaholic does not know he/she is one. They simply follow orders given to them. They believe they are just doing their job.

life is importantA workaholic can be so ignorant that he wouldn’t realise tears in his wife’s eyes. A workaholic can be so ignorant that she doesn’t realise her husband mixing with the wrong crowd. A workaholic can be so ignorant that he/she wouldn’t bother to spend time with their kids as long as they provide money for their needs. A workaholic maybe successful at work, but they are a failure in life. This is where work life balance comes in.

So don’t be one of them. Don’t be a machine. I am not asking you not to work, but we all have a certain work shift. Stick to your work shift. Do your best within the time provided for you to work. Don’t overdo it. Spend time with your families. Take your wife out to dinner. Go home to your husband. Take time to play with your kids, make them feel wanted. Go out with your friends. Spend time with your parents. Just remember, we work to live, we don’t live to work. The priority is always life!

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