Dreams are not meant to be shattered

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How many of you have dreams? Goals and targets that you would love to achieve? How many of them have you actually achieved? How many people stood by you and encouraged you when you were about to reach the unreachable? How many discouraged you and pulled you down when you were taking your first step? Life isn’t a bed of roses. If you are to pursue your dreams listening to the negative comments is not something you should be doing. It will always bring you down, and the sad part is these negative comments always come from the people closest to you.

I myself have had many dreams over the years. Some achieved, some not. I believe we all have shattered dreams. One main reason for letting go of a dream that was once so important to us; I believe is lack of faith. Sometimes it is lack of faith in us by ourselves; sometimes it is lack of faith in us by the people around us. If we are to achieve a dream the first thing we need is faith in God, and then faith in ourselves. The faith others have in us is not really important. If a person brings you down saying you cannot do it, it is your job to strive for your goals and prove them wrong.

Changes aheadThe truth is anything is possible if we put our minds into it. You should never give up on a dream just because others think you are not good at it. I have seen so many instances where parents shatter their own children’s dreams. Sometimes your own parents may not believe in what you can do. Maybe they are just afraid of you failing, but my opinion is that is it ok to try and fail than to have never tried at all. Whatever your dream is, give it a try. If you believe in yourself and walk in God’s path you will achieve it.

This problem of people standing against your dreams is most likely to happen to women than men for simple reasons such as "you are just a girl," or "it’s not what girls are supposed to do," or "your boyfriend/husband wouldn’t like it" etc. If you are a girl reading this, don’t let people bring you down by gender discrimination. Yes you may be a girl, but you have your own mind, your own ideas, your own dreams and goals that you yourself have to achieve. Especially in Asian countries men have a tendency of bringing women down and shattering their dreams whenever they try to achieve their targets or stand on their own feet. Most men don’t like it if you are progressing more than them, especially when it comes to couples. Many husbands in Asian countries do not like it if their wives are earning more than them. Don’t let your family and friends do this to you. Today we are in a world that is striving towards gender equality. The United Nations are fighting for gender equality through the #HeForShe campaign. This itself is proof that the world in on your side. It doesn’t matter if you are a girl or boy as long as you achieve your dreams in the way you want!

Urban expressionsI believe many of you have heard the term, "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." This is the truth. We are always afraid to try new things. Fear is not something we should have in our minds when trying something new. The slightest doubt in our minds can cause us to fail. However, if we have faith and if we put our minds into it, we will be powerful beyond measure. When that happens once we start climbing no one can bring us down! This will help you achieve your dreams.

So, if a person doesn’t believe in you, challenge them! Prove them wrong. Achieve your goals and show the world that you are powerful beyond measure! Once this happens, those people who tried to pull you down will no longer say a word against you! This is my wish to everyone in this world today, especially women like myself who are from Asian countries trying to stand on their own feet. You maybe living among narrow minded people trying to bring you down. Don’t fall! Stay strong! Be yourself, not what someone else wants you to be! Be independent!

Happy Women’s Day!

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