Which path is the right path?

two paths

Life is a funny little journey. It takes us through many roads with twists and turns. As we walk along this journey of life we are often confused and we stop to think, ‘am I on the right path?’ We never know where we are heading in life; all we know is where we want to go. However, where we will end up is a big mystery. This is the main reason why we, as humans think so much before we make a decision, especially when we come to a junction where the path we are on is splitting into two and we don’t know where either path is heading.

For example, think about a person who has just been offered a job and is trying to decide if he should take the offer or not. On one hand the new job could benefit him more, but on the other hand he may be doing more valuable work for his current company. This person would never know where each of these companies will be in the future. He wouldn’t know for sure which will benefit him more, all he has is a hunch, a good or bad feeling upon which he has to decide on. In that case, which path is the right path?

mr nobody right pathJust as it is explained in the movie ‘Mr Nobody’ there is no right or wrong path but in-fact, every path is the right path. A child from a broken family trying to decide if he should live with his mother or father; a young boy trying to decide which girl he should take to the prom, his childhood best friend or his new found crush; A graduate trying to decide which company to work for; or a person trying to decide if he should change his job or not; these are all life changing decisions that need to be made. Whatever decision a person makes that will generate the platform of the rest of his life. Every decision is the right decision and every path is the right path simply because we don’t know where that path will end. We choose a path and decide to walk along it blindly until something good happens. This is destiny.

Even though every path is the right path people are always afraid to make that life changing decision. That is because we all know that once a choice is made it cannot be undone. You cannot go back in time and change the path you chose. No one can choose a path walk along it for some time and if they aren’t happy, go back in time and choose the path they skipped. Every choice we make shapes up the rest of our lives. There is no turning back; at least not until time travel is proven possible. This is the main reason why we have to follow God’s path. This is why we have to walk along Jesus’ footsteps.

When we make a choice and blindly decide to walk along a certain path knowing there is no return we rely on God to clear that path for us, simply because He is the only one who can. He will keep us from harm; He will protect us from all hidden dangers. Just like it is explained in Psalm 91 there is nothing we should fear if we have made God our saviour and protector. Whatever path we decide to take, if God is guiding us at the end of the day we will be happy. We will live happy, and someday die happy; and this is all anyone can ever ask for.

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