I am a Dreamer

girl dreamerI am a dreamer. I have always been a dreamer. Since childhood my mind has been full of imagination. Sometimes I imagine the most unimaginable things. Superheros, villains, vigilantes and even people living their normal lives reside in my mind. The fight between good and evil is battling in my mind to this very day! It surprises me at times to know I have such power hidden in the midst of my thoughts. It fascinated me as I write down each word explaining these scenarios.  Yes, I believe it is power; it is a blessing, a gift!

Not many people know the power of imagination. Most people don’t dream or imagine things like I do. Most people talk about how they are struggling or how hard it is to survive in this world. I don’t do that, instead I live in my little dream world. My happiness, sadness, thoughts and dreams are shared not only with the people around me but also with the various characters I create.

quote lared letoIf a person didn’t know me they would most certainly think I was crazy or schizophrenic as a matter of fact, the only difference being I know my reality. However, I have to admit my dream world is way better! Just as I see the lives of the people around me, I see the lives of my characters. I watch them grow from childhood to adulthood to old age. It is beautiful to watch a person’s life from start to end. There is so much magic in it. I guess God has made me special and unique and I know not everyone has this ability of creating a person end to end.

Just as God wrote the story of my life and everyone around me, I write the stories of their lives. I am simply many characters in one person, many places in one location and many events and happenings in one place, this all being in the tip of my pen. I am a dreamer and I always will be, simply because I am a writer and my stories live in me.

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