My weakness is my biggest strength

strength in GodPeople are often so quick in judging us. Out of all the people who judge us, the worst type of judging mostly come from the people we are closest to such as our own families; especially relatives. We all have heard the saying, "God gave us relatives; thank God we can choose our friends." Through the laughter of the joke, I guess there is some sort of a hidden truth in it.

Recently one of my close relatives asked me if I was interested in going for a prayer service with her. I said ok at first, but later on I realised it was scheduled to be on a weekday and I didn’t have any leaves left to take. I went back to my relative and told her that I will not be able to make it. Her reaction was not something I had expected.

At once she replied "You have to come with me! You are a person who helps others a lot and I don’t understand why you out of all people fail in everything you do. Why doesn’t God grant your wishes? We have to go and pray for you!"

This reaction stunned me so much that I could not think of a reply at that moment. She thought my life was a failure, that I had failed in everything I did and she thought this was unfair compared to the many ways I had helped others. A part of me was glad that she had realised I do help people. However, the other part of me was hurt that she thought I failed in everything I did! She wanted to go for this service to pray for me, to beg God to fix my life! From my point of view the real question was, did I really need to be fixed?

God has blessed me in so many ways since birth. When I look back at my life at my journey so far I see so many goals I have achieved, so many barriers I have overcome. Most of all, being a girl when I look at the lives of most of the other girls in my own country, I see so many blessings God has sent my way. The person I see every morning in the mirror was not even close to a failure.

I see a girl who is born to a good family, which was capable of sending her to a good school and giving her the right education. I see a girl who is young, talented and independent. I see a girl who even though she doesn’t have a boyfriend, is never lonely. I see a girl who has great friends surrounding her. I see a girl who makes her own living without depending on anyone. I see a girl with courage strong enough to make tough decisions in confidence even if it breaks her heart, as long as it helps others and her own self! I see a girl who follows her heart no matter what; and most of all I see a girl who has been blessed by God beyond limits. Unfortunately through the eyes of my relatives, I was a lonely girl with no boyfriend, which meant no love, who had failed in life a few times. Not only my relatives, but even my friends who are not so close to me would think the same.

confident girlPeople look at me and see my weaknesses. In my opinion those weaknesses they see are my biggest strengths. I am who I am and no one can change that. So my advice to you, do not judge anyone. If others judge you and call you weak, make that weakness your strength. There is much more to a person that you can see from outside. The only occasion you can fully understand someone is if you become them, which is impossible. Always think before you say something about someone. If you are not sure of something it is always best to not say anything at all as this is what creates rumours. Not saying anything just might save a tear.

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