Talents… How can we use it right?

Do not bury your talentsThink for a minute. Can you think of one thing you are genuinely good at? A talent so strong that either you are making a living out of it or you are helping others with it. You could be a doctor, singer, dancer, actor, designer, councillor, an engineer, or you could be simply a very good friend. God has blessed you with many talents and out of them you are probably using at least one for your benefit and the benefit of the others.

I know I have been blessed with a few talents. And I know I try my best to use it towards everyone’s benefit to the best of my ability. You are probably the same, but how often do we actually use our talents for God? How often do we actually show our love for God through our talents, when it was from God we have got our abilities? Some of us may use our talents occasionally to praise and worship God but the truth is most of us will use our talents for our benefit only. Most take pride in what they can do, and do not even remember God when they earn billions by using their talents. Most people do not remember that it is God who gave us these talents in the first place. Is this the right way to go?

Of course not! As much as we use our talents for ourselves we also have to use it at least in a minor way to thank God through it. I have many examples of people who actually use their talents in such way but this one group stands out through all of them. They are singers, they are actors, they are motivational speaker, they are audio and video engineers, they are artists, they are photographers; they are a collection of many talents. They are The Anima Series.

The Anima Series consists of a group of beautiful people with many talents, and they are the best example I have for individuals who use their God given talents behalf of God. Through their videos the team at The Anima Series has touched many hearts all over the world. Their very first video titled “Who You Are: A Message To All Women” is one of my personal favourites and has kept me going through tough situations up to this day!

anima seriesThese guys are inspirations to all Christians around the world. They continue show us how God lives in our lives each second of the day. They have been blessed by God and guided towards introducing God to billions of people all around the world.

As Christians this is what we should be like. This is a very good example of how we should use our talents for God, to praise and worship him every second of the day. This is my mission today. To use my talents for God in the way The Anima Series use theirs. Will you make this your mission too?

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