I am a sinner

I'm sorrySilence; it is what you hear when you are alone, when you are an outcast. It is the shadow that follows you in the dark. It is the guilt that takes control of you. It is everything you never wanted. It is what you feel when you have not been forgiven.

It is the fire that started on the day you made that one mistake; the mistake that changed your life. It is your dark past that follows you, that will follow you wherever you go. It is the pain you feel inside; the pain that keeps the fire burning; the pain that makes you regret being alive.

Whenever you look around you see people laughing, enjoying and partying; simply having fun. It is that feeling of loneliness; the feeling that you can never join them. You are not accepted. The society has rejected you and you are suffering. You will always suffer because you cannot be accepted! You have not been forgiven!

sins are forgivenI am a sinner. I have lived in that darkness. I have experienced that darkness. I still walk along that path of darkness; fire burning inside of me. I am leaving traces of ash behind as I walk along this lonely path; and that makes them stay away from me. I have confronted them so many times. I have asked for forgiveness, but my plea has been rejected. My cry for help has been ignored.

I know I am at fault. I know I am wrong. I know I am a sinner, and the world has rejected me. I am an outcast, I am a reject. I am simply, a sinner! I am your father, I am your mother. I am your sister, I am your brother. I am your friend, I am your neighbour. I am known to you but you pretend not to know me. Yes, I am a sinner. I will not interfere with your life if you don’t want me to. The question is; will you forgive me?

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