Man of honour

castle tv showOver the last few weeks I have been catching up with all the overdue episodes of the TV series Castle, and I have suddenly realised something amazing. Richard Castle is the exact kind of guy every girl should date, or even should be married to. You may ask why. It is because he is rich and famous? No it is not! I believe that every woman out there deserves to have a man of honour and the character of Richard Castle is definitely a man of honour. Let me justify.

There are a few characteristics I see in Castle that I would love to see in all guys and trust me it does not include money or fame (these are unimportant). One main quality is the fact that Castle has his heart in the right place. In other words, he’s got his priorities right; his main priority being his family and loves ones. Wherever he may be and whatever he may do his main priority has always been his family, mainly his daughter. How many men do we know in today’s society who do not care about their children, who do not respect their wishes? How many dads do we know out there who would not let their kids choose their own path? How many men do we know, who spend their entire time trying to make money rather than spending time with their families? Castle, I believe is the best father as he lets his daughter follow her own heart, and based on how he treats his mother no matter what she does, he is the best son as well. These are qualities of a man of honour.

Next we come to relationship. He is a guy who can make anyone laugh especially his girlfriend, Beckett. After a hard day of work Beckett finds peace and joy when she is with Castle. He knows what to say to calm her down; he knows what to do to make her happy. He treats her right, respects her wishes, gives her space, backs her up every step of the way, even when she has been pushed away and abandoned by the world including her own friends. Most of all he doesn’t cheat, he doesn’t break her trust. He keeps her secrets and by helping her find her mother’s murderer he’s risking everything to make sure Beckett gets what she needs. He is there for her through thick and thin. That is a man of honour.

Finally and most importantly if you have watched the series you would have known that Castle and Beckett have liked each other from the first season, but they only start dating in the fifth season, which is years later based on the story-line. The main reason he did not ask her out, or pushed her into dating him was because he knew she was fighting a personal battle. He understood her and in return he gave her what she needed most. Time! He waited years for her! Any man who gives a girl her space, and is willing to wait years for her is a man of honour. In today’s society this type of men are very rare, and if you are one of those ladies who already have a man with these qualities, I can say you have been blessed. You have a man of honour.

man of honourAll in all Castle is a fictional character, which I believe the script writers and the directors have done a great job on! The character of Castle is brought to life by Nathan Fillion, who does a tremendous job to keep the character alive. However, how many men to we actually know who treat their ladies right, who would wait for her, who would give her time and space, who can also make her laugh and brighten up her day? Part of me thinks this is too good to be true and this type of men can only be found in fiction. Another part of be likes to believe there are still men like that out there who are honourable and do treat their ladies and families right. What are your thoughts? Have you ever met a man of honour? Do you think they exist? I sure hope so!

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