Am I a nobody?

walking-shadowThis is something I had often wondered. What does my life mean? Does anyone out there care about me, value me? Was I a nobody? What if there wasn’t even one single person who thought of me as a somebody? What if I was just a silent shadow watching life pass me by?

Everyone in this world would often feel like life isn’t worth living. We would feel like we are all useless human beings just going with the flow as the world rotated. Sometimes we are so used to being ignored and unappreciated that we ignore and unappreciate ourselves. We think of ourselves as nobodies despite of all good things we may have done and the people we may have helped.

It is true that most of the good deeds we do get buried, but one simple mistake we make spreads like wildfire. It is true that we may associate with many people on a daily basis, but be ignored by that one person we truly care about. We may have done a lot of meaningful things in our lives but we may never stop feeling like a nobody. However, what we need to know is that what we feel is not always true.

you are specialJust because we think we are being ignored it doesn’t mean we are. It could mean that the others have more worries than we do, or they maybe too busy or ignorant to notice. Just because we think we are nobodies it doesn’t mean that others think the same about us. There could be many people we have inspired by a single word, a single good deed. In front of their eyes you are valued, you are special, you are wanted, and most of all you are not a nobody. However, these people may not be walking around talking about how you helped them. Don’t feel bad about it. And don’t feel bad about not being noticed by the people you want to be noticed by. If you do something good to someone God can see it and that is all that matters. In front of His eyes no one is a nobody!

So don’t push yourself too hard. If you fall pick yourself up and walk with your head held high. You are not a nobody. You never were, and you never will be, as someday you will be with your father in Heaven. Keep doing good, have faith and God will show you the light!

not a nobody

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