Independence – Something to work for

mobileThink for a minute, each morning when you wake up what is the first thing you do? In my case, I check my phone. It is there with me when I go to bed; it is there with me when I wake up. I keep it under my pillow as I sleep, and I’m sure most of you do the same. The bigger question is why?

Why are we so dependent on our phones, or our laptops? Why do we need Wi-Fi and internet and all other resources to connect online? Why do we need Social Media? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp have dominated our world! Why? I believe that is because people are social beings and no one likes to admit the fact that they are alone in this journey of life! Do you agree?

We are born alone, we die alone; but humans never live alone. Humans don’t like to live alone, unless they can’t help it. It is because we are all dependent on someone or something. When we are young we are dependent on our parents. As we grow older we start to do things on our own, but still we are emotionally dependent on others. It could be your partners, friends or anyone else. We always want to keep in touch with them, reach them even if they are far away and that is when technology and communication methods come in. This may be comforting, but if you depend on them too much, you will lose yourself if for some reason that relationship disappears.

Orson WellesMany of you may disagree with me but I believe that this dependability is very unhealthy for a person’s life. If you are used to living your whole life depending on others then someday when the need arises for you to do something on your own, you will not be up for it. The best example for this is breakups.

When you are in a relationship you depend on your boyfriend/girlfriend up to a large extent. However if that relationship ends you become an emotional wreck. The main reason being you can’t live your life alone anymore, as you simply have forgotten how! You cannot remember how you managed things on your own before you got into that relationship, and most of you are reluctant to go back to the way you were! This is when your relationship with the mobile or social media is at its peak, as you try to replace your boyfriend/girlfriend with your mobile. You might keep more contact with your friends and you will start chatting online because you simply have no clue how to be independent and make your own decisions! You want to talk to others, just so the feeling that you are not alone will comfort you.

don't dependLife is hard; being independent in hard. But I believe the more independent you are the more you will benefit. We are in a society where trust is too much to ask for. Husbands cheat on their wives so often that it’s a common thing now. Mothers leave their children so often that it’s in daily news. In such a society if you can’t trust another human being how can you depend on them? How can you expect them to be there? So learn to stand with your own two feet, and not by hanging on to someone else or something else such as your mobile. Do things that make you happy.

The only person you have permission to depend on is God. He may not be visible, but he was there when you were born, he is there when you live your life, and he will be there when you are called to leave this world. He is the only one we should constantly keep in touch with. He is the only one who can save you from your misery; and no human or device can cover that space! Let your world revolve around God and experience independence. You will be happier than you ever were before!

2 thoughts on “Independence – Something to work for

  1. Absolutely love ur P.O.V. I’m glad I read this
    Have to add to this. “The point is in finding companions who wouldn’t hinder your progress. If one can’t find such companions, walking alone in the journey of life is the best I agree;) BUT ” Living alone requires so much of courage, intelligence and WISDOM”
    Alternating feelings of loneliness by independence; namely self deception is a “survival instinct” humans possess to deal with stress. A lil bit of it ain’t bad but it ain’t the TRUTH
    Truly independent people live in bliss!

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