Never compare anyone with your ex!

sad coupleOk, so you had a troubled relationship in the past! Maybe he/she hurt you, broke your trust, broke you in a way you could never ever think of dating again. You would cry for a while and then move on. Your friends would have helped you get through it. However, someday as time passes maybe God would send someone along your way; a person who would be close to you, help you, cherish you. It could be a new relationship, or even a true friend. Whoever it is, there is one thing you should never do and that is compare this new person with the love you lost. Never compare him/her with your ex!

Every couple has arguments. This is natural. If a couple doesn’t have arguments then that is not normal. It simply means that one of them is compromising without sorting out the issue. As much as it is good to compromise, it is also good to let the other person know what you really want, and tell them that you are compromising for them. This would let them feel the care you have for them. However assume you do disagree about something and that ends a relationship. Don’t ever think that the possibility of that happening again is zero. A similar issue could come up with your family or friends, or even in your new relationship. If this happens, don’t ever use the words, "You are just like my ex! This is why we broke up!"

Just stop for a second and think. If someone close to you compares you with his/her ex and says you are the same or even worse, how would you feel? I believe a statement like that from someone close to you could destroy you. It could hurt you, and if this person is really close to you it could even traumatize you.

past and presentIt’s not just the bad things, but even when it comes to the good qualities don’t ever compare anyone with your ex. If your girlfriend cooks you a nice meal, don’t ever say "this is as good as my ex’s cooking!" If your boyfriend helps you with your homework don’t ever say "you’re as smart as my ex!" These sort of comments wouldn’t put a smile on their face, but simply hurt them. It means you still have your ex in your mind and have not completely moved on.

So take my advice. Don’t ever compare anyone with your ex; even if it is your family, friends or partners. Life is too short to argue over the past. Put a smile on your face and look towards the future. Enjoy each second of your life with the people you love. Most important of all, move on!

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