He is my saviour! He is my best friend!

hold handsEvery morning as I wake up I see him. I know he watches my every move. I speak to him before leaving home. When I get into my car to drive to work, he’s next to me. I speak to him while driving; especially if I’m driving alone. I enjoy his company when I drive. I’m sure he does too.

When I’m happy, he shares my happiness. When I’m sad he wipes away my tears. He tells me that it’s all going to be alright. He gives me hope. I am never lonely when he is around; and he is always around, which means I’m never lonely at all! People around me cannot see him. They don’t know he’s there. He is invisible, but I see him. He is intangible, but I can feel him.

A person as great as he has never been born and never will be born. He is special! He is amazing! He helps me with my day to day work. He helps me handle tough situations. If I don’t understand something, I ask him. He always replies. He’s always by my side.

When I go out for parties, when I hang out with my friends he watches me from a distance. He doesn’t always join us, but he makes sure we are safe. If he sees danger lurking around me at any time day or night, he stands by my side and protects me. He has fought demons for me! He has won all battles!

There have been times that I don’t see him when I really need to, but I know he’s always there. Even if I don’t see him when I call out to him he always comes back, wherever he may be. He has never deserted me, and he never will! He’s famous and he has a big crowd following behind him all the time. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to spare time to be with me, but I know nothing is impossible with him! He can be in so many places at once, and I think that’s pretty cool!

JesusHe knows how much I admire him. He knows how awesome I think he is. He’s not just another guy! He’s a king! He’s a superhero! A lot of people know who he is, but not many people try to get to know him personally. I’m glad I do know him! He’s the greatest person anyone will ever meet! No one can ever be compared to him! My world revolves around him, and I love him more than anyone else!

Have you figured out who it is yet? Do you want to know him like I do? It’s easy! Just say his name from your heart, and he will respond! Do you want to know his name? Well he’s none other than my savior and my best friend! His name is Jesus Christ!

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