Depression – Is it worth the trouble?

depressedDo you have that sick feeling in your stomach? The feeling that no matter what you do nothing is ever enough? Do you wake up in the morning and think how you are ever going to survive the day, or do you wish it would end sooner? Are you fed up with your life? Maybe with who you are or where your life is headed? Do you feel like your world is going to end any second now? Are you depressed?

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. We have good days, we have bad days. When the good days are constant we are happy. However if the bad days are constant we tend to lose faith slowly and feel depressed. Sometimes we may even talk to someone about it, or not. The people who suffer the most with depression are the ones who choose not to talk about it, as all the bad energy keeps piling up in their heads and they won’t let it out! But just think about it, is it really worth the trouble?

If your life isn’t heading the way you want then you should do something about it! Being depressed isn’t a solution, but it only makes you think more and feel more. A minor problem recurring in your memory day and night can make you feel worse than ever, as your brain starts to recognize it as a big problem! You may feel that there is no way out but when you go in-depth and analyse it, it may not be a problem at all! You might even have a solution within you!

battleEach and every one of us is fighting our own little battle. If you look at the person next to you right now, he/she maybe smiling, but we don’t know what kind of a battle is hidden behind that smile. For all you know he/she maybe dying! So what can you do? How can you make a difference?

If you are depressed about something, talk to someone. It could be a friend or family or anyone you trust. Talking helps when you are depressed, especially if you feel there is no way out. If you feel like you are in a dark pit with no light, just keep walking. Try new ways to solve the problem. Most importantly, don’t give up! Keep fighting the battle until you see the end. If you give up you will lose the battle and that is when the depression will take over, resulting in possible suicide.

If you have no one to turn to at a time of need always remember God is there for you. There are many ways God will choose to talk to you. He will somehow send you a response! It could be through a friend, through the sermon at mass or even through that one person who has hurt you the most! God works in mysterious ways; ways that we cannot understand. So if you are depressed and you feel like you have no way out, have faith! God will show you the way out.

Depression over a problem is not worth at all. If you are not happy, make yourself happy. Do something you love doing. Go out with your friends! Simply have fun! And remember, there is always someone out there who is going through a lot worse than you are right now! Be kind to them! Pray for them! You are not alone in your depression, you never were and you never will be!

God is great

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