Everybody lies

liarWhat do you think is happening in today’s world? Why do you think there are so many divorce cases nowadays? Do you think all people lie? Do you lie? Why do you think you lie?

These are few questions that have been recurring in my mind lately, especially since I started watching ‘House’ all over again from season 1. It interested me how Dr House treats patients assuming they all lie. Most of the time, they actually do! In that case what about here, in the real world? Do people lie all the time?

Yes, I believe they do! As humans we all lie at some point in our lives. Some of us might even be lying more often than others. Some of us lie for our own benefit, some of us lie for others’ benefit, and some of us might even be lying just as a habit. Most of all we all lie to save ourselves from danger for sure! Which of these is the worst?

pinocchioSometimes we all have a need to lie. It maybe to save ourselves, or even a friend. The lie could be for better or for worse. You lie to strangers all the time. If a stranger asks me what my name is I wouldn’t tell my real name for sure! Just imagine if we were all cursed like Pinocchio, and our nose grew every time we lied, how long do you think people’s noses would be right now? I don’t even want to imagine that! All in all what I don’t understand is how you can lie to a person so close to you. If you are a good religious person then you will find it hard to lie to someone you are close with, but the truth is majority of the people of this world lie to the people closest to them. The bitter truth is, it’s not that hard!

Married couples lie to each other all the time. Parents lie to children, children lie to parents; lovers lie to each other and friends lie behalf of each other! However, you see the worst form of lying in married couples. I personally know a couple who used to be very honest with each other at the time of dating. They were committed, honest, shared good and bad; but ever since they took vows in front of the altar they have been doing nothing but lying to each other! The husband would keep tons of secrets from the wife and when she occasionally found out he had been keeping things from her, he would lie to cover himself up. And as a result, now, after marriage their trust has diminished. The wife does not trust the husband anymore, and he is lying more and more to cover up his old lies. This I believe is the worst case scenario of lying.

I will give you a simple practical example of what could happen in a normal couple. If a husband does not like his wife meeting her friends alone he would restrict her. If the wife still wants to keep in touch with her friends she would lie to a her husband simply to get away from him, so she could go out with her friends. If they were understanding towards each other then the husband wouldn’t have restricted the wife, and the wife would not have a need to lie to her husband! And that would not have created any issue at all in the first place!

house quoteWell end of the day House is right! Everybody lies! I am not asking you never to lie, I myself have lied. But what I can do is ask you never to lie to your spouse. Try to be a bit more understanding towards each other. We all have our own needs, married or not. Married couples just need to learn to share those needs, and cope up with each other’s needs. Do not judge each other no matter what the other person has done. The more understanding and honest you are to each other, the longer your marriage will last. In this way no one has to lie; and thus no one will suffer!

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