Do you enjoy what you do?

work stressPeople do all sorts of jobs. Some people go to an office, some work at home, some work part time, and some work outside of their motherland and so on. But how many of us actually enjoy what we do? If I ask you right now if you are happy with your job what would your answer be? There are so many people nowadays who have so many issues with their jobs. Some may say their talents are not being used properly, some may say they are not getting paid enough, or some may even have issues with their seniors or staff. How can we actually resolve this issue?

I believe the main thing why the job satisfaction is not there in individuals is the fact that they are not doing something they enjoy, or something they are good at. If you are good at something, and if you believe in yourself that you can excel at it, then that is what you should be doing as a job. It may be art, designing, sports, handwork, cooking, and writing or even building things; you need to figure out what you are good at. There are no important or unimportant jobs. Every field is equally as important; regardless of if it’s highly technical, sports, entertainment related or even a cleaning job. Once you know what you are good at, what you can be outstanding at then finding a suitable job will not be that hard. Employers will hire you based on skills and you can demand a salary relevant. If you can prove your excellence then the benefits will follow and you will have your job satisfaction.

be your own bossAssume you are excellent at something, but you cannot seem to find a suitable job in the field you hope for. In that case I believe the best thing to do is start something of your own. Collect a few other people with similar interest as yours. You will be able to find people with similar interests, as they would also be facing the same problem as you, they cannot find the job they hope for. Once you have found such people get together and start a business on your own. Starting something of your own is a bit risky as at first you will have to spend a bit, but once you have proven to the world that you have the skill, the income will flow.

Every entrepreneur in this world started small. All large companies you see nowadays started with one man with a clear vision. Gradually this man would build up his dreams and get others help to add on to it. Slowly this tiny seed of a company will grow into a giant that cannot be defeated. If you look at all famous figures right now, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, they all failed at first. Many were marked as the worst in their field, but that is the exact field each of them excelled at. Even Mark Zuckerberg was a drop out, and see where Facebook is heading now!

So start today! Don’t let anyone de-motivate you saying you are not good at what you do. If a person crushes your dreams, that is even a bigger reason to prove them wrong. Don’t be afraid to dream big! Identify what you are truly good at and be confident. If you are good at something, then be excellent at it. Once you are excellent at it, don’t ever do it for free! You will have your dream job, and you will never be dissatisfied again! Once you are happy with what you are doing people will start to recognize the effort. That is when the income will follow. Good luck!

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