An honest enemy beats a dishonest friend

stab a friendWe all have friends. Some close, some not so close. Some we treasure for life, some just for a certain time period. We also may have enemies. Enemies are defined as people who have a certain grudge against you, who want to hurt you or laugh at your mishaps. But how exactly do you feel when a friend does this to you? How would you feel if a friend for some reason stabs you in the back? Would you rather have an enemy fight you up front or a friends stab you in the back?

A recent occurrence has made me rethink the whole process of friendship. In some cases having an honest enemy is far better than having a dishonest friend who is likely to stab you in the back. Let me explain why. An enemy hates you openly, would fight you openly, and would throw a rock at you while hundreds of people are watching, or they would just avoid you completely. But if you have a friend who pretends to be close to you, that is even more dangerous than an enemy. One such friend can be close to you, learn your weak points and shoot exactly when you least expect it. At some occasions they may take advantage of your gentleness simply for their own benefit, without even thinking of how their action could affect you.

Sometimes you can figure it out of a friend is about to back-stab you, at some points you don’t. The safest way to deal with these situations is to always watch your back. We are living in a society when everyone is working for their own benefit, without thinking of each other. Don’t trust anybody! Friends or enemies! If an enemy hurts you it may upset you, but it will be well expected. On the other hand if a friend hurts you, it will be totally unexpected and that could even destroy you.

BackstabbingThe situation is very similar to when Judas betrayed Jesus. Being best friends, eating from the same plate he still sold Jesus to the soldiers. The only request I can make from you all is don’t ever do that to one of your friends, on the other hand don’t expect your friends to stand by you forever. An honest enemy is definitely better than a dishonest friend. Watch your back at all times!

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