The world doesn't accept you… So what?

child aloneI am who I am and nothing can ever change that. I am the person God made me. Even if I wanted to change that will not be possible if that’s not who I’m meant to be. I cannot change into something I’m not. This is the truth, the reality; the hard cold truth that some people may never understand. This is the truth that would make people simply not accept you for who you are. But that doesn’t matter, does it?

People around us always want us to be someone we are not. Starting from our parents, everyone we meet in our daily life is more or less the same. When we were in school we were being compared with everyone else. If we get low marks we would be marked as low performers, and the high performers would get all the praise even from our own parents. Most parents don’t accept their child for who they are, nor let their child follow their own dreams. What they don’t understand is, the more they compare their child with others, and the more they admire other children over theirs it slowly silently breaks their child and the need of being accepted is grown within them. This can even create jealousy, which could result in great danger as the child grows up.

The situation could be more or less with siblings. Most siblings are being compared with each other, to see who scores best and who the best child is. Even when it comes to teachers they have their own favourites in the class and all other students to be neglected or blamed. The society is the worst of all. At your workplace everything and everyone is a competition. Performance, efficiency, effectiveness, targets, results create this competition within team mates. Even if you work together as one team, there always is a knife pointing at everyone’s back. It is a battle between colleagues. After all that end of the day the appreciation would go to the person the boss preferred, which is mostly favoured.

rejectionNo one is genuinely accepted by this world for the way they are or for the way God had created them, and if we think this system is about to change in the future that is nothing but a myth. People are never going to accept us for the way we are. We are always expected to be someone we are not! In that case, what should we do?

Some of us may do various things simply to be accepted by the people we love. This is not a very good thing to do, as even if you do get accepted it would be for being someone you are not. It would be for wearing a mask, and that would make you fake! It wouldn’t be you they are accepting, but the person you pretend to be. We should never pretend to be someone we are not as that would be simply be misleading everyone, including yourself! And if you pretend long enough you will lose your real self and the fake person you pretend to be would over power you. Simply, the mask you wear will be permanent. No matter whom you make happy by this system, and no matter who accepts you after that it is wrong as God is sad when this happens. If the person you turn out to be is not the person God wants you to be then that is only going to make Him sad.

god accepts meSo think for a minute, yes we all want to be accepted; but by whom? Is it you parents, teachers, your boss or the society? No! We should only want to be accepted by God, not people! Even if the whole world rejects you, if you are true in the eyes of God then that is all that matters. God loves you and accepts you for who you are. He does not want you to be someone you are not, simply to be accepted by Him. So wherever you go, whatever you do be true to yourself, be true to God. God will accept you with open arms, and when the day comes when God is to select the righteous you will be in His selection, simply because you were true to Him. And that is all He wants!

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