Stop bullying! Protect your kids!

When I first saw the video by Bars & Melody on Britain’s Got Talent just few days back I knew I had to do an article on the message they have put forward. They are two strong, courageous little boys who sang about what is probably their worst fear; the fear of getting bullied! It definitely took a lot of guts to come on stage and sing about their experience with bullying, a tough experience they went through themselves; while hundreds of people were watching them in the audience and millions watching them online.

bullyingNot every child is courageous enough to speak about how they are being bullied. Many are even scared to say the word out loud. Most children hide it from their own parents, especially if that child is being brought up by a single parent. Some parents recognise the signs and act upon them; some however don’t realise their child is suffering, or choose to ignore due to their own personal problems.

The main people responsible for such situations are of course the bullies; but a part of the responsibility lies with the parents, teachers and principals of schools as well. It is important that bullying is banned in schools, just as ragging should be banned in universities. There have been many child suicide cases as well, simply due to bullying. One major case as such was the Amanda Todd suicide case, which was caused by cyber bullying. She was only 15 years old when she released a YouTube video about how she was bullied online, and assaulted physically by the people she called ‘friends’, which after 2 days from releasing the video she hung herself to death.

Today we live in a society that is moving from bad to worse. Children get bullied by all sorts of means today. Sometimes from their friends, sometimes from their teachers or principals, and sometimes they even get bullied by their own parents or siblings.

anti-bully quoteHaving worked with kids, assisting them for years, helping them out, I myself have seen most of the problems they come across. Their deepest fears are caused by emotional pain and having believing that they have no one they could trust. What we need to do as a society is to make these children feel that they are not alone and that they can overcome being a victim. As parents, teachers and friends it is our responsibility to be there for them (not only your own kids, but all kids), and not desert them. This would create a better society tomorrow.

Every little step you take counts! Bars & Melody have inspired all of us today. Will you do it tomorrow?

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