I know I’m awesome. Are you awesome too?

How many of us actually use the phrase “I’m awesome”? I know so many of my friends use it. I use it very often too. But think about it for a minute. Even though we keep calling ourselves awesome how many of us actually believe in it? Can you genuinely look at yourself in a mirror and call yourself awesome?

Girl Looking MirrorI know for a fact that most of us wake up in the morning with a lot of problems on our minds. We look in the mirror and we see a person full of pain, full of regret for the choices we have made. We don’t see the awesomeness we claim to have. In that case how can we sincerely call ourselves awesome?

Life isn’t a bed of roses. I learnt this the hard way. Going through the things I went through, I believe that if there was one person who absolutely could not be called awesome, that would be me. But am I awesome? Yes, I am! You may ask why? I am awesome simply because I am a child of God, and no matter what I have been through, no matter what I have done I will always be awesome in the eyes of my father in Heaven. Therefore, I am awesome!

I do not regret anything in my life, and neither should you. I am who I am because of the experiences I have had. These experiences have turned me into the person I am today, and without it I would be a nobody. Life is too short for regrets, so don’t regret anything. So many people may try to bring you down. Whatever they may say, don’t let anyone make you put yourself down. A person who truly cares for you would never criticise you. They will not try to drag you down, but will always be there to uplift your spirit and make you believe in yourself.

So next time when you open your eyes in the morning, do not wake up with regret. When you walk in front of the mirror and look at yourself, don’t see the pain in your past, but look at the brightness in your future. Don’t look at the person exhausted by daily battles, but see the child of God with the sword of protection in your hand. Don’t see the sadness in you, but look at the awesomeness instead.

Next time someone tries to pull you down by a single comment, do not be afraid to open your mouth and say “I’m awesome” in confidence, because that is true. Don’t let anyone break you. If someone drags you down, stand up using your own two feet. You don’t need the help of anyone else for that. You can do it yourself; because you are awesome, and so am I.

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