Will you miss me when I'm gone?

miss me when i'm goneHave you ever felt completely alone? Like you were facing a problem and you badly wanted to talk to someone, but no one was around. You go through your entire phone book trying to find one number, one friend to talk, but you can’t seem to find any? How would that feel like? If you suddenly realised you were completely alone at the edge about to fall off, and that you couldn’t trust anyone to hold you or push you down, what would you do? Who would you turn to?

I believe that loneliness is the main reason why the suicide rate in the world is getting higher and higher each day.  People nowadays are so busy with their lives that they don’t tend to check up on their loved ones. They can’t spare 5 minutes to call them, or at least 10 seconds to drop them a text. Therefore if a friend of yours is really in need, they would not contact you, they would not confide in you as they don’t know if you cared anymore, and the worst part is if you were the closest person in their lives, they would not have anyone else to talk to either. They would be completely alone! And if it was you who needed help, it would be the same. You would be completely alone!

Think for a moment. Do you know anyone who has committed suicide? Or do you know anyone who tried to commit suicide? What do you think their biggest problem was? Regardless of what they have been through don’t you think they would have survived if they had someone to confide in? Think again, have you ever considered suicide at any given point yourself? I believe all of you who have faced the extreme loneliness situation at some point would have considered it. If you have, then why did you consider it? Those of you who have considered suicide at some point and you are still very much alive and reading this, all I can say is Praise the Lord for your life! You are a survivor just as I am!

doesn't have to end like thisI have experienced extreme loneliness at multiple occasions. I have considered suicide at multiple occasions too, but just like you, I am a survivor. What I want to tell all of you is that even if you feel extremely lonely, even if you feel like your family and your best friends have all abandoned you; do not forget that Jesus never abandons you! This is how I survived! I survived because of Jesus Christ! Extreme loneliness can make a person cry for hours, think about leaving this world, disappearing, but at the end of the day the thought of Jesus being there right next to you, holding you, watching over you should always calm you down. You can always talk to Jesus, he will listen.

I believe leaving this world isn’t a solution, it is a weakness. Surviving this world alive is much harder. It may be torture, it may traumatize you, but at the end of the day if you are still alive, and can smile and thank God for the day you had, you are a very courageous person with a strong will power and the devil cannot tempt you to leave this world. You are a child of God and even if you have considered suicide but decided not to go with it, you have defeated the devil!

suicideDo not spend time worrying, thinking if you die how many people are going to cry; or if you disappear how many people will actually miss you. These are not things to worry about. Besides, none of us will be alive forever. There will be a day when God will come down to us and tell us that our time in this world is done, and we should follow him. On that day we can all be happy and walk with God, towards his kingdom. On that day you will be happy, and you will never be alone again!

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