Rumours – Do not let it spread

talk behind backHave you ever faced a situation where rumours about you were flying all around you? Where a new story about you gets created each day? Have you ever been tagged as to have done something you had never ever dreamt of doing? How did you feel in such situations? Hurt? Depressed? Angry? Well, don’t be! Because the person they are talking about is simply not you. As long as you know this and believe in this, as long as God knows this and you believe in God, nothing else matters.

Rumours can begin by various means and methods. Some of the rumours can be started and spread by your own family or friends. Sometimes you may even confront them, and they may apologise to you, but still it could be too late as the rumour would have already been spread. A rumour can spread in a flash like wildfire. No one can stop it. If you do try to stop it, you will only get burnt.

Just take a moment and think. The hotter the fire grows, the more it spreads; and by tackling this fire, the more burnt a person would get. This is why rumours should never begin in the first place. We ourselves may have started rumours about the people in our lives at some point. It may be a little rumour, with less effect, but a rumour is still a rumour.

I remember sometime back a friend of mine started a rumour about another friend’s ex boyfriend breaking up with her for another girl. He was simply tagged as a cheat. None of us were sure about it but we believed it anyway, and we told people about it. Simply, we let the fire spread. We even saw the guy a couple of times with his ‘new’ girlfriend, and that was like a confirmation for us that we were right. But later on we found out that she was not his girlfriend. He was simply helping her with some of her family issues, and he had broken up with my friend for entirely different reasons. It was too late when we realised this as the damage had already been done. He had already been tagged as a cheat in front of the whole world by the time we apologised to him for the rumour we had started.

rumoursTherefore my dear friends before you say anything about anyone, if you are unsure if it’s true or false please be quiet. Don’t let a rumour be born for any reason. As much as a rumour against you can hurt you, you creating a rumour against another person can hurt him/her too. Don’t let yourself, or the people around you be a victim to the world. The world is waiting to find your faults and hurt you. The world does not care if those faults are true or false. The world will hurt you and tarnish your character for something you have never done. But even if this does happen, don’t worry. Trust in God. The world may spread false rumours about you, but God can see the truth. Believe in God, and the truth will set you free!

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