What is the greatest gift you have ever received?

gift boxTake a minute and think for a moment. What is the greatest gift you have ever received? Some of you may say it is the most expensive of it all. Some of you may say it is that one gift you got from the person you love the most. But how exactly can you figure out how valuable each gift actually is, especially when your friends picked them out just for you? Can you actually value a gift you have received based on cost and people they are from? Especially when all your friends may put an equal effort in getting those gifts for you?

I believe the best gift a person can give a friend is sacrifice. Sacrificing something you love for someone else, prioritising your friend’s happiness over yours is the best gift you can ever give him/her. In the same way, if your friend prioritises your happiness over theirs and sacrifices something they love just for you; that would be the best gift you would have ever received. This cannot be measured by how much they spent for it, or how close that person is to you. It is simply how much they have sacrificed for you. It would simply show you how much they value you, not by money but by love and care.

Sometimes people sacrifice things for us all the time. We just don’t notice it. They could be very minor things. When you were in school your friends may have shared their homework with you behind the teacher’s back. At your work place your colleague may have stayed over time just to help you cover up your work. Your parents make sacrifices for you each day. These sacrifices cannot be valued by money.

Then what is the greatest sacrifice a person can make? The Bible explains it perfectly through the words below.

"Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends."
(John 15:13)

The greatest sacrifice a person can ever make is laying down his/her life for someone else. If you have ever lay down your life, or even put your life in risk just to save someone else that is the greatest gift you have ever given your loved ones. In the same way if someone had sacrificed their life for you, that is the greatest gift you have ever received. This is exactly what Jesus did for all of us on the cross.

jesus on crossjesus on crossI believe I am a sinner, just like each and every one of you. And just as all sinners deserve their punishment; I believe I deserved mine too. But I never reached that stage, and I know I never will reach that stage. Do you know why? It is because Jesus already saved us by giving up his life! He took my place on the cross, just as he took the place of each one of you! He took the place of all sinners, us!

So next time if someone asks you what the greatest gift you have ever received was, don’t think too much. The simple answer is, Jesus’s sacrifice for me on the cross. The gift of my life, the forgiveness of my sins, and Jesus’s personal invitation to join him in Heaven someday!

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