True Love… Misunderstood?

What is true love? Does anyone know? Is it the love between a husband and a wife? Or is it the love between a couple waiting to be married? How do you know if you are truly in love with a person? Where can we find answers to these questions?

Look around for a second. What do you see in the society today? The number of divorce cases have increased significantly compared to ten years ago. An unmarried women giving birth to a child is so common that people don’t question or even care anymore. More and more orphanages and elders homes are being built every day. Somewhere in the world a heart is being broken each second as we speak. Why? Where is true love?

true love misunderstood

Young couples are the best example of love, isn’t it? Have a look at the young couples you come across each day. Have a look at your own friends. How many of these young couples are truly happy? Nowadays we see more fighting in a couple than love. Most couples don’t even know what love is, but they stay strong with their partner mistaking the physical attraction for love. Some couples have open relationships, which is more of an agreement than an actual relationship. Worst of all most couples mistake lust for love! Human love is nothing but flawed, corrupted and confused.

Then what is true love? If you are a Christian, you know the answer to this can be found in the Bible. St Paul explained it perfectly.

“Love is patient and kind
Love is not jealous or boastful
It is not arrogant or rude
Love does not insist on its own way
It is not irritable or resentful
It does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right
Love bears all things, hopes all things, endures all things
Love never ends!”

~ (1 Corinthians 13:4-8) ~

Look at this Bible quote for a second. Does it say anything about couples love? No! True love is freely available for anyone and everyone. True love doesn’t always end up in marriage. You are completely free to love your parents, siblings, friends, relations or even the strangers you pass by daily.

In that case what about marriage? If you have already found true love yes, don’t waste time in getting together in front of God. But if you have the slightest doubt that it isn’t love then don’t go ahead as it could cause failure, not in your own life but even in the lives of your children and loved ones. Even if it’s one day before your wedding if you have the slightest doubt that this is not true love, if you feel like you are taking the wrong step do not go ahead with the plans. God will understand!

The best example for true love is Jesus. He loved his parents, his disciples, his friends, even his enemies, and up to date he loves you and me. Was his love genuine? Of course! He took death for all of us! What more proof is needed for true love at its best? If a person is willing to sacrifice his whole life for you, even in death that love is much more powerful than anything else!

True love is freely available; it’s just a matter of finding it. God created man and then he knew he was lonely, which resulted with him creating woman. In the same way God has created someone out there for each one of us. God only reveals them to us when the right time comes. How? Below is a quote from author, Max Lucado, which was introduced to me by one of my friends. It explains exactly how you can find your right one.

“A woman’s heart should be so lost in God, that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”

~ Max Lucado ~

In simple words, regardless if you are a girl or a guy you need to find God, and God will give you true love at its best form. When you find this love rejoice and God will guide you through your future, whatever it may be. So let God send true love your way! Experience it once you receive it. It will be the best thing ever, and you will be reborn!

5 thoughts on “True Love… Misunderstood?

  1. I can tell when someone is in love by the way they act around the other person. It is obvious when you see someone in love especially now that it is closer to Valentine’s Day. It is not the same when someone tells you they love you but when they show it. I think it is so cute when you see elderly couples hugging and kissing in public. It goes to show you there is true love in the world.

  2. This is really awesome Rosh, very detailed insight to find true love and what it really means especially from THE Book of all books that defines what true love means “THE BIBLE”. 🙂

  3. Yes, it matters not who the love is between. Love is unconditional, with no strings attached, excluding no one. Jesus said to love your brother as yourself, and broke the barriers as to who deserved it more when not putting mother over brother. This is the example we too must follow.

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