I’m just an ordinary city girl

City girl
I’m just an ordinary city girl, born into an ordinary city family. My parents were ordinary city people, who grew up in the ordinary city lifestyle. When I was young I had very limited toys to play with. My parents gave me everything they could, but I can’t call myself rich. I was simply an average child with a limited number of facilities.

I grew up in an ordinary city environment. However with a lot of hard work and effort my parents managed to get me into one of the best schools in the country. This was not an ordinary city school. This I was happy about. As time passed and I worked through my education I realized that some of my friends in school were ordinary city girls too, but majority of them were from rich and sophisticated families who had received everything they dreamed of even as children. I knew I would never be able to reach that level.

My parents were not very rich. They worked a routine job with a monthly salary; a salary which lasted only to fulfill our basic needs. I always had a target to out run that, study hard and be the best I can, work the best job I possibly can, and reach the highest level possible, in my field. Did my dream come true? Not yet!

As I completed my high school education I knew I had to do my higher studies, but my parents’ income was not sufficient for it. This is when I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to work and earn my own course fee. For four years I worked and studied. Work during day and study during night, taking the bus at all times for each and every journey I had to make. I did not have a single weekend to myself, as my classes were on weekends. However after four years of hard work, I managed to complete my degree, which helped me move into another job, and get myself into a higher position than I was.

I loved my new job. The income was a little higher, and together with a loan for support I got myself my own wheels, a small silver ladies car. I no longer took the bus to work. As time passed, I started helping my family in their needs as well and my expenditure increased once more. Once again my income was not more than exactly what I needed to spend each month.

I was once again an ordinary city girl, with an ordinary city car to drive myself around. I still haven’t reached my goals in achieving my preferred lifestyle, and surviving from this ordinary city life. I do not want to be an ordinary city girl, and I do not want my kids to grow up in an ordinary city environment. I had considered moving away from my city, but I do not know what is out there in the rest of the world. Maybe I should move out of my city, or even my country. It could be for the best, or for the worst, I didn’t know. Or maybe I should just stay and continue my ordinary city lifestyle. I have not yet made a decision, but I will soon.

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