The world is hungry… for YOU!

Eat the world

Hey! You! Yes you! Did you know something?

This world is ready to eat you! I know right? It’s crazy! How can this world eat us? It’s full of people so close to us, right? We call them friends! They can never hurt us! True, but how sure are you that each and every one you call friends are in fact… friends?

Stop everything you are doing and take a look at your Facebook profile for a second. Have a look at your friends list. How many friends do you actually have there? 100? 500? Over 1000? How many of them are your true friends? Most of all, do you even know all of them personally? Have you met all of them at least once in your life? If the answer is yes, it means you do have some control of your life. But most likely the answer is a no!

Well, here’s the thing! You may not know all of them but they surely know you. Your so called friends see all statuses you post daily, they see all photos you upload, they see when you visit a place, they see your life events, they know each and every one who you call close, and they simply know you!

The big question is that are they really the people you want in your life? Do you really want them to know everything about you? Follow you where you go, or know your friends? What difference is there between you, and a celebrity trying to escape paparazzi? What would you gain by not having a private life? A life personal to you that maybe you keep private, or share only with the people you trust the most, simply a life that the people in your Facebook profile would not know about?

Sometime back there was an issue, where a girl’s Facebook profile was hacked, and all her photos with her ex-boyfriend were published in a public website causing her utter embarrassment, which even led her family to kick her out of the house. Also a few days back there was a story about a girl who committed suicide because her principal confronted her about her boyfriend, who had uploaded pictures of them on Facebook.

Now whose faults were these? The fault is definitely not the victims’! The blame has to be taken by the society. No one has the right to judge someone else, no matter what they may have been though in their past. No one has the right to tarnish a person’s name, event if it is your own son or daughter, brother or sister. If someone is doing it, it’s simply what the society has taught them.

best friendDo you now admit that the world is waiting to feast on you? The question is, how can we avoid it? The main way is by having your private life private. Yes you can share what you want with the world, but don’t share everything. Especially any problems you face with family, career or relationships. By this way you can keep the people you care about with you. Do not try to increase the number of friends you have, but try not to lose the true friends you have for the fake ones running behind society. If the society comes behind you, be fearless, challenge it! You will definitely win! The world may try to eat you, be ready to eat the world!

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