Let’s spend money on Valentine’s Day! Like seriously?

valentine's dayCouple of days back a friend of mine asked me what she should give her boy friend for Valentine’s Day. “A rose and a card, or maybe some chocolates,” I replied. Her reaction was absurd.

“How can I just give a rose and a card?” she asked me. “I have no idea what he has planned for me! I’m sure it’s going to be expensive! I can’t just give him cheap stuff! Maybe I should get him the latest Nokia Lumia, he loves it!” I just rolled my eyes.

People nowadays do various things on Valentine’s Day to make their lovers happy. Some get their partners really expensive gifts, some take them out for once in a lifetime dinners and balls, and some even spend their whole month’s salary just to get their girlfriends and boyfriends what they want. Most of all, I have seen so many couples, who keep their partners informed way in advance as to what they want for Valentine’s Day, and make sure that they buy that exact same item for them. Isn’t it absurd?

I have always been against the concept of spending heaps of money on Valentine’s Day. I’ve always believed it should be simple and sweet. Do you think I’m wrong? Ok, let me explain.

Valentine’s Day initially began in the 14th century, when St. Valentine was killed, as he illegally granted Holy Matrimony to the couples in love, at a time when marriage was forbidden. Later on the day was declared as Valentine’s Day behalf of St. Valentine sacrifice, and also the tradition of exchanging roses, cards and sweets began.

What people nowadays don’t understand is that the day is dedicated for married couples, and committed lovers who are to be wed soon, or serious enough to get married. Not each and everyone who just pick a random date for the day just to celebrate. I believe that it is wrong to just spend a lot of money and celebrate the day unless you are committed, engaged or married, as these are the type of couples that St. Valentine sacrificed his life for. What people do nowadays is nothing but a disgrace to his sacrifice.

In that case, what is the right way to celebrate the day? I have a few ideas myself, which you can practice if you are in a strong and steady relationship for life.

  1. Chocolates, Roses and Cards – This is the tradition that has been following us for centuries. It is romantic and simple, and if you really in love with a person you would expect nothing more, and your partner would be just the same!
  2. Simple Candlelit Dinner – St. Valentine performed wedding ceremonies in secret at night in candle light. This is how this tradition began. A simple candlelit dinner with your lover at your own place is simply the best you can give!
  3. Pop the Question – To you guys out there, the best gift for your long time girlfriend on Valentine’s Day is simply to pop the question. The question a girl waits for all her life. Get down on your knees and ask “Will you marry me?” You will not be disappointed!

I hope you understood everything I have explained here. I believe love cannot be measured by money, but simply by how close you are as a couple, and how much you love spending time with each other. If you are in a true relationship, every time you see each other is like Valentine’s Day all the time, and the romance would not be limited to one day. However it doesn’t hurt to wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you disagree with me please feel free to leave your comments. I’m open to feedback!

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