God's reply to his children

Dear child,

Find GodI created you long before you were born. I created you long before your parents even thought about you. The thought of you crossed my mind long before your parents were even born. You are a very special and unique creation of mine.

I know how many thorns this world has thrown into your path. I know how much these thorns has caused you pain, but you have succeeded each one of it. You have succeeded jumping though all hurdles whatever these challenges may have been. At some points it was your career, at some points it was bad relationships, and at some points it was your very own parents or siblings that brought these challenges into your life. However, you managed to cross them all, just like my son Jesus did.

You are not an ordinary girl/boy. You are very brave and full of courage. You are very powerful, as it is I who gave you a very strong power of will. Even though you have these qualities in you, you have never misused your powers against me. This quality is very rare in most of my children as they misuse the powers I have given them once they are successful in life, but you have always stood by my side no matter what!

I know you don’t talk to me much like you used to and I understand why you do that. There was a time you badly needed me beside you and you asked me for many favours, which you thought could solve the situation you were in; but I didn’t grant your wishes and I know you feel like I failed you! But dear child please understand, I did not grant them as they would have caused you more pain in the future, and I could not bear to see you suffer.

You are my child and I love you. I missed talking to you so much that I decided to reach out to you through your friends, family or even the internet. I was very happy that you got my message and you spoke with me today, and you are here right now to listen to what I have to say. I wish you will continue to talk to me daily, at any time you wish. I will always be here ready to listen.

I may not be visible to you but I want you to know that I’m always here right beside you, walking with you every step you take in this journey of life. If you ever want to find me look into your heart, and I will be there. Don’t forget that no matter what you do I will always love you. Even if you do something wrong, come and tell me and I will always forgive you. I will always be right here watching over you from Heaven, forever!

From your loving Father in Heaven!

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